Water and health….

Staying hydrated is one of the most important actions you can take to help prevent or recover from COVID-19. ….. in these strange times during a quarantine, one of the main ways you can help yourself stay healthier is by staying hydrated.

Your level of hydration is critically important to the efficiency of your immune system. Keeping your body hydrated will help prevent sickness, and if you are sick, it will help you recover. A dry nose and throat is an easy way for a virus to enter your body, and it'll wreak havoc if you are dehydrated...

The  daily minimum should be 1,5 to 2,5 liters  of pure water, free of pollutants  and micro plastics and low in  inorganic minerals.

The ideal pH value of drinking water is slightly acidic. 5- 6,8.

This makes sure that your kidneys and your liver can do their job properly.

Alkaline water can be quite bad for your digestive system because it will neutralize your stomach acid  and trigger more acid production in your body.

Tap  or well water often is better than bottled water, which also is very expensive and causes insane levels of plastic pollution.

If your tap  or well water does not taste good, you can always purify it with a good purification system  to improve it.

The  taylor made water purification systems that we  are offering since 1994 have proven in many cases  to be  very cost efficient, health supporting , comfortable and sustainable. 

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